Monday, June 18, 2012

 Amazing news!
"Where witches rise" ( Là où s'élèvent les sorcières) book was released!
You can find English edition here
And French here
Author and writer Cécile Guillot
Illustrators - Anna Marine (me),Zindy S. D. Nielsen,Michele Ann and Georgia Caldera.

"Where witches rise" on facebook

Beautiful Cecile Guillot with our book ^_^ (And vampire ducks XD)

And amazing book  Fille d'Hécate T1 (Daughter of the Hecate vol. 1) by Cecile Guillot- available at Editions du chat noir

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Listen to the rain...

I understand that you miss me when I get messages like "Hey Anna,are you okay?"
It's so nice to know that people won't forget me if I'll disappear for couple of weeks (but not for month, I guess,I'm not famous enough XD)
So where am I?
Far far from city and all it's problems.I understood that I can't live and work in my apartment while it's renovation there.So I rented a house in the pine forest.First time I was upset that I'm leaving the city for 2 weeks but now..I know that it was a best decision ever.
It gave me a chance to stop.When you a commercial artist,and do big projects, you always on this carousel - order-money-responsibility-time.So in the end you will be more commercial than artist.You lose that spark inside,those spark and power that gave pencils to your hands.Without money,without prospect, just to give you a chance to share  your imagination with world.And sitting in the house alone and listening to the rain I remembered what inspired me all the time.I lit a candles and first time for a  year I felt myself an free artist.I feel so inspired now and every day I feel more inspiration walking in the forest,listening the birds and rain,feeling the wind..
So I'll back with brand new ideas,guys.And with brand new me. ;) Thank you for your support!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun on the ranch

Finally, I have a time to share with you photos and story about our awesome holidays when we (my friend and photographer Nadya,my sister and I) have rented a house out of town for 4 days just to take a rest from work.
There is nothing better than sun,fresh air and nature.We had a lot of fun!
And we had a funny photoshoots in house and on nature.One of them I'll show you a little later.

We also visited a man who has his own ranch near by.He told an interesting story to us,that he lived in city and was rich,but he loved animals and nature so much that he left city bought a ranch and also built a shelter for wild animals that were hurt by hunters or  traped.
All the animals get medical help here and than back to the wild.
I get a lot of new useful information,because I have a plan to make big animal shelter in Russia where  normal sheters almost not exist.

Here was a fox that I love soooo much!And she likes me too.I didn't even want to go from her.

Cute bunnies (well,not so cute XD I was bitten by one of them!)


I almost hear you're saying "Awwwww"  XD


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where witches rise

I'm happy to introduce you amazing project "Where witches rise"!
Illustrated book about witches of the past and present time in different cultures. 8 magic stories!
Author and writer Cécile Guillot
Illustrators - Anna Marine (me),Zindy S. D. Nielsen,Michele Ann and Georgia Caldera.
Book will be available in English and French in early 2012.

You can find more information here

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday ^__^

We didn't make many photos,because we had so much fun and didn't think about it.But here are several of them.The Birthday was great!I got a big and amazingly tasteful cake (after that I really afraid to know my new weight XD)with candles and many presents.One of them - beautiful bracelet you can see on my hand^^

Having fun ;p

Yum!I'm gonna eat this cool dude

Unfortunately we didn't sit near by aquarium.This place was occupied

But I hope I'll be more lucky next time XD

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fantastic Nightwish Imaginaerum show

Several days ago I was lucky to see really fantastic show of №1 band in my favorite bands list - Nightwish.
I'm Nightwish fan for 9 years already.I still remember when I came back from school and if my parents weren't at home I turned "Over the hills and far away" loud instead of doing my homework XD
Guys from the band were very  friendly, have talked with audience a lot(especially Marco^_^)
Anette is very very sweet and also very artistic.It was pleasure to listen her beautiful powerful voice.I was really impressed!

Waiting for the beginning of the show

Band is playing intro

Fantastic fire show

Marco wants to see "stars".It was amazing!

Last song of the show

Presents for band and from the band.Anette gets flowers.
Tuomas gives his towel and  Jukka his drumsticks.

Thank you and see you soon again!
 Imaginaerum rocks!