Saturday, February 19, 2011

yam yam...morning breakfast in this winter sunny day with Viennese strudels and coffee was amazing..I love cherry strudel,it's so tasty,I can eat it every time!

After that was hard back myself to work.. I should finish sketch with exclusive fairy drawing for one magazine (can't say much about it now,sorry).I'll show it to you a little later. And my sister has caught me when I talked to her finishing drawing!That's why my mouth looks so weird haha))


  1. I never heard about cherry strudel, only apple one but it does sound very tasty! :D
    & lovely sketch, I like the wings on the girl and it seems to be she's holding a cat but can't say that for sure :P
    & you don't look weird at all, Anna, you look lovely as always! ;)

  2. Thank you Ester very much))She's holding a rabbit and cherry strudel really tasty thing!)