Thursday, June 30, 2011

Presents from England

I guess this week should be called an English week,because I got beautiful things from UK.^^ This is me with FAE magazine that contains my pictures and interview where I talk about folklore and fairy tales.You can find magazine here

The beautiful earrings and necklace were sent to me by Kristall Jewellery for my future photoshoot.I love it!
You can find them here  


  1. Hugs from California, USA. Ohhh it is so nice to get goodies. Very nice. I really like the picture of you above the one above your article. That would make a nice queen faery/vamprie painiting...

    Take care have a awesome day...
    Debbie Ly

  2. I'm so happy the magazine reached you ok :-) You art is so beautiful, just like you x