Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long road,rivers,palaces and sushi.Part 1

We have left in 4 o'clock in the morning and went 9 hours, instead of 6 x_x. There was a rain and there was a low visibility. At last, about 1 pm we have arrived to city's center and have moved into hotel on the Nevsky Avenue.

Our initial plan was to visit Peterhof Palace but, because of a rain we have refused from it. It was necessary to wait about an hour in our room, but we had fun.
 After that we have gone to drive through the city. St.Peterburg is very beautiful - many ancient buildings, palaces.

I sit near by the well-known cruiser Aurora (behind me).It was built in 1900 and took a part in many wars Now it's a museum ship.

Neva is the third largest river in Europe  

Senate Square.It is situated on the left bank of the Bolshaya Neva, in front of Saint Isaac's Cathedral.The Bronze Horseman monument adorns the square.

In the evening we have gone to eat tasty sushi. yum yum.

There was more of us.But my friends don't want to be famous.
Shame on them!XD  

This is cool wood fish bone.I want to take it home XD


Bridge to nowhere..or somewhere.

 Most of all I love those kawaii sushi with shrimp. >__<

And back to the hotel.^__^My friend made this photo when I played with my iphone sitting  on the floor XD.
At night we have gone for a walk along Nevsky Avenue, have drunk coffee, have taken pleasure in fresh night air and then,have gone to bed..
The part 2 will be soon)


  1. I love sushi *_*

    great shoots!

  2. здорово! тоже хочу в Санкт Петербург!)
    а в какой стране ты живешь?