Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Look what cuties I've made yesterday! kawaii rice pies with salmon. ^___^ It's Onigiri おにぎり
They can be round or triangular 
it was really easy and fun to make it.I can share a recipe with you >_<
 You need special rice for a sushi  and any stuffing that you like. My favorite - a tuna or a salmon with Philadelphia cheese  Take a little rice and put in a bowl or a plate moistened with cold salty water.Put in the center a stuffing and cover with  small amount   of rice  , then accurately take all in a hand and form a ball. Watch, that the stuffing was in the middle.
Give it the triangular or round form.
Turn in nori (a sea alga)
I cut out eyes and a mouth from nori with scissors.
And on cheeks I've dripped  teriyaki sauce .
You  can strew pies with sesame.
It is very tasty with soy or teriyaki sauce!mmmm yummi

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