Monday, September 19, 2011

Prints and postcards for sale!Limited edition

Halloween is near!I've decided to make limited edition prints' collection for this wonderful holiday!
Here are HQ A4 prints and 3 postcards packages for you!
Pre-order from now until 30th September.
If you order prints or postcards during this period - delivery for you is free!</b> To every country of the globe+here are great bonuses.
I'll start shipping at October 1st .
Please read all information about order here 
Thank you! 


  1. Please Anna, if you are going to sell prints again, can you open for other ways of payments? I do have a bank card, but since I'm not 18 years old yet, I can not open a paypal account:(

  2. Hello Julie!Sure,I will think about other way of payments.Maybe you can ask your parents to help you with paypal?or if not,write me to We will think up something ;)

  3. i'm following u..

  4. Hello Anna ! Are they still available by any chance ?

  5. Hello!Yes,they are)You can contact me about it here

  6. Oh thank you i will order some ^^