Monday, December 5, 2011

We have arrived in the evening and Tallin has met us rainy weather. But ,even despite this fact, it's amazingly beautiful city.Unfortunately, because of weather I couldn't see the sights that I wanted to see.But I hope to go there again.I had a beautiful big room in hotel,thanks to my dear friend Kristian to that.The party (  Kristian's birthday)was just wow!There was traditional Estonian food as Silgusoust (very strange taste) and Mulgikapsad - I hope I write it right XD
I've bought a warm knitted socks^^ As you know Estonian knitted goods are the best)
Here some photos

Oh Christmas tree..oh   Christmas tree..  

Castle for birds XD

I helped with party organization so I came one of first

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  1. You looked lovely at your dinner, Miss Marine. Very classy as always.