Monday, March 19, 2012

Fantastic Nightwish Imaginaerum show

Several days ago I was lucky to see really fantastic show of №1 band in my favorite bands list - Nightwish.
I'm Nightwish fan for 9 years already.I still remember when I came back from school and if my parents weren't at home I turned "Over the hills and far away" loud instead of doing my homework XD
Guys from the band were very  friendly, have talked with audience a lot(especially Marco^_^)
Anette is very very sweet and also very artistic.It was pleasure to listen her beautiful powerful voice.I was really impressed!

Waiting for the beginning of the show

Band is playing intro

Fantastic fire show

Marco wants to see "stars".It was amazing!

Last song of the show

Presents for band and from the band.Anette gets flowers.
Tuomas gives his towel and  Jukka his drumsticks.

Thank you and see you soon again!
 Imaginaerum rocks!


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  2. glad you had fun! you have a nice new hair color! :)

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