Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fun on the ranch

Finally, I have a time to share with you photos and story about our awesome holidays when we (my friend and photographer Nadya,my sister and I) have rented a house out of town for 4 days just to take a rest from work.
There is nothing better than sun,fresh air and nature.We had a lot of fun!
And we had a funny photoshoots in house and on nature.One of them I'll show you a little later.

We also visited a man who has his own ranch near by.He told an interesting story to us,that he lived in city and was rich,but he loved animals and nature so much that he left city bought a ranch and also built a shelter for wild animals that were hurt by hunters or  traped.
All the animals get medical help here and than back to the wild.
I get a lot of new useful information,because I have a plan to make big animal shelter in Russia where  normal sheters almost not exist.

Here was a fox that I love soooo much!And she likes me too.I didn't even want to go from her.

Cute bunnies (well,not so cute XD I was bitten by one of them!)


I almost hear you're saying "Awwwww"  XD



  1. Wonderful adventures, thanks for sharing your thughts and pics!

  2. You're sooo beautiful!and it's very good that you're beautiful inside're very kind and good person!I wish you luck with your animal shelter!you do right things

  3. This place looks like paradise! :)

  4. A ranch vacation, huh? That's certainly a fun alternative to road trips and camping (though those are awesome too). It just feels great, you know? To just relax and take a deep breath with all that nature around you!

  5. The ranch house is a picture-perfect backdrop for a pretty lady like you. It seems the place has unleashed the inner cowgirl in you! Well, I hope you pursue your plans of building your own animal shelter in Russia. That way, you can also let other people experience the wonderful feeling you had when you visited that ranch.

  6. Hi hun I have absolutely loved working with your artwork since I started PaintShopPro groups in 2002 and still love following you on your adventures and on Facebook. You are a very talented and beautiful young woman. TY for sharing your art and your talents with me. God Bless always. A Huge Fan, Diane from Canada.