Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Listen to the rain...

I understand that you miss me when I get messages like "Hey Anna,are you okay?"
It's so nice to know that people won't forget me if I'll disappear for couple of weeks (but not for month, I guess,I'm not famous enough XD)
So where am I?
Far far from city and all it's problems.I understood that I can't live and work in my apartment while it's renovation there.So I rented a house in the pine forest.First time I was upset that I'm leaving the city for 2 weeks but now..I know that it was a best decision ever.
It gave me a chance to stop.When you a commercial artist,and do big projects, you always on this carousel - order-money-responsibility-time.So in the end you will be more commercial than artist.You lose that spark inside,those spark and power that gave pencils to your hands.Without money,without prospect, just to give you a chance to share  your imagination with world.And sitting in the house alone and listening to the rain I remembered what inspired me all the time.I lit a candles and first time for a  year I felt myself an free artist.I feel so inspired now and every day I feel more inspiration walking in the forest,listening the birds and rain,feeling the wind..
So I'll back with brand new ideas,guys.And with brand new me. ;) Thank you for your support!


  1. i love your works !! good luck for all projects !!

  2. from Time to Time You need some Outtime before You lost Yourself....

  3. Yeah... I know that feeling... :(

    Just enjoy your time!

  4. Take the time, reinvent, find the inspiration you need! love your work, good luck with all you are doing!

  5. Happy to hear that you are taking time away to enjoy nature and life. All too often we are caught up within the binds of life such as money, what people think of you and material things, we forget about really living.

    Nothing much better than being in the forest alone listening to the rain and nature all around. Sounds wonderful, I look forward to what inspirations this adventure of yours is creating within you.

    Stay safe and stay true to your art.

  6. Hi Anna how r u your poetry is good i like it as we know listening to rain sounds very good.

  7. I am blessed and thankful to be able to call you my friend.

  8. You will always be missed if you go away, you are such a sweetheart!