Monday, June 18, 2012

 Amazing news!
"Where witches rise" ( Là où s'élèvent les sorcières) book was released!
You can find English edition here
And French here
Author and writer Cécile Guillot
Illustrators - Anna Marine (me),Zindy S. D. Nielsen,Michele Ann and Georgia Caldera.

"Where witches rise" on facebook

Beautiful Cecile Guillot with our book ^_^ (And vampire ducks XD)

And amazing book  Fille d'Hécate T1 (Daughter of the Hecate vol. 1) by Cecile Guillot- available at Editions du chat noir


  1. Hi Anna...

    Having trouble with connecting to: the site where the English edition of "Where Witches Rise" is located.(the

    Can you help?

  2. I finally was able to connect.....bought a copy too...cant wait to get it...just wish I could get you to sign it! :)

  3. oh yay, it must be amazing! love the pictures ♥

  4. You do nice work, looks like a good book.

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